Colors RGB

Считаете ли это полезным?

What is RGB?

The famous RGB color model is mainly used for the representation, sensing, and display of electronic systems (computers and TV), even though before the electronic age, this system already had a rich theory behind it. This is an additive color model, including red, green, and blue colors, which can be combined to create a wide range of colors.

Each of the RGB parameters (red, green, blue) defines the intensity of color. The lowest value is 0, and the highest is 255. For example, RGB 0,0,255 will be blue, as the highest value (255) is set for the blue color.

Why to use RGB?

The RGB color model is supported in all the leading browsers.

RGB is a very useful tool that you can use for creating colors. Let’s say you have a brand with a yellow logo. If you post it on your website in the wrong colors, it will appear too muddy. This is why you need to use RGB while working with files for any screen.